[Before and After] Mamod SP4 Engine Restoration

After around a week a I managed to finish the restoration job of a recently purchased SP4 engine. Overall, it was very enjoyable because I think the engine is generally a nice looking engine and I would even go as far to say that it is better looking than the older SE3 model!

Here are some pictures of the engine before the restoration:



As you can see, it was in a slightly bad condition with the boiler extremely tarnished. However, nothing is impossible when it comes to restoring Mamods!

As you can see, the engine looks stunning now. To achieve this, I polished all brass work, resprayed the painted areas and just lightly polished the chrome work (because I don't want to rub the chrome off). I tend to also take pictures of the engine on grass because I think it brings out the best in a engine. It makes clear it's summer and ready to steam!