Hi there and welcome to RestoringMamods.com!

It's actually a pretty funny story. I was looking through the traffic sources for this site and found this link inparticularly:


On this page, everyone was very interested (hopefully, in a good way!) about who created Restoring Mamods. So here is an about page about me!

My name is Will Green. I studied a Masters in Automotive Engineering with Motorsport at University. As a student, I counted myself as the non-typical student in the sense that I didn't want to have a 'lame' Saturday job in a store. Therefore, I have made my money through other methods:

  • Advertising on my main site AskWillOnline.com.
  • Writing about pay per click advertising/search engine optimization on PPC.org.
  • Creation of a Poetry Analysis website called PoemAnalysis.com.
Ever since I was around 10 years old, I was gratefully given a SW1 Mamod which I still currently own. Seeing some engines in the condition I am given does make me slightly upset. Mamod engines are beautiful kits of engineering. When I have restored an engine, there is nothing better than seeing the engine's brass work and chrome work gleam in the sun of summer. This is why I restore engines. 

The money I make from my AskWillOnline, PPC.org, and mainly PoemAnalysis.com, I also give a proportion to charity to Alzheimer Research UK.

This website isn't at all for me to make money (hence the lack of adverts) but to spread awareness of the Mamod brand and get people into buying these engines and steaming them up like people use to do years ago. Nothing can beat the smell of an engine steaming up!

As of 2018, I currently work at McLaren designing super cars - I can definitely say there is a slight difference between a Mamod and a McLaren!

From this, I would be more than happy to let other people post their own articles on here to create a 'kind of' forum for anyone interested in Mamod engines.