Fuel For Your Engine

Every Mamod owner will have to buy fuel to help keep their engine running at full steam. Here is a list of all the different fuels you can buy for your engine to get it steaming up. Below is all the places on the internet you can buy fuel for your engine.

Tip: Always look on eBay for fuel as eBay sellers generally sell fuel for Mamods are a good price.

Prices on this page have been updated (28/3/2014)

Best Fuel For Your Engine

Sterno Chafing Gel Fuel

Recommended by RestoringMamods.com, this fuel is by far the cheapest and best. After using it and comparing it to the traditional Mamod tablets, one tin of gel lasts longer than one box of tablets with it burning for longer and hotter. Easy to use, and super cheap. A must try for all. A good tip though is to put foil at the bottom of the fuel tray as a residue is left by the gel which is hard to clean.

Official Mamod Fuel Tablets

This is the official Mamod product of fuel for your engine. Each box contains 20 Mamod fuel tablets. Prices exclude postage and packaging.

Non-Official Mamod Fuel Tablets

These are tablets that are designed for Mamod engines but not made by Mamod. They are usually cheaper and do exactly, if not better, the same job as Mamod's official tablets do. Again, each box contains 20 fuel tablets with prices excluding postage and packaging.

Other Fuel

As well as having fuel tablets and gel fuel for Mamods, there are other options that over the long term will be cheaper. Prices exclude postage and packaging. 
If you sell fuel for Mamods and it is not currently listed here, please feel free to contact.