"When I contacted Will about my father's old Mamod I had already been rejected by several other restorers due to the poor condition of the engine. He was the only one who did not immediately reject it as a write off.

Initially I thought he was a retired man in his 60's because of the depth of his knowledge and his professionalism. I was surprised and heartened to learn that he is a young lad in his early 20's studying engineering at University.

Will was in constant contact with me during the restoration process, sending me pictures and keeping me informed about the challenges he was facing. I fronted the money he needed to buy the required spare parts and he kept a record of all his hours worked which were paid for at the end of the job.

The outcome of the restoration was better than could have been expected. Will even provided steam oil, fuel tablets and some notes on steaming up.

Restoring an old, derelict, Mamod makes a tremendous gift for a loved one. My father was really excited and taken back by it. If you are considering doing this then I can soundly recommend giving the job to this guy!

Cheers Will"