A Mamod SP4 Live Steam Engine

Here is, what could be seen as, a newish engine produced by Mamod. Purchased at an absolutely bargain (£35), it looked to be a good engine to renovate and restore. It was considered spares seeing that the chimney wasn't present. However, a chimney for a SP4 engine is only around £10 new which meant it was still a bargain!

What I was happy about was that all the paint was original with the burner present. I know that nobody before me had tried to tinker with it.

The engine runs really well and so it should being one of the biggest and most powerful engines produced by Mamod. That is why they sell SP4 engines with a workshop tool because it has the power to run it. Looking at that piston picture, I think it must be trick of the camera and the speed it's going at that makes it look bent...I hope!

Overall, I am really happy with the engine. The only problem I will have is with painting the crankshaft holder. I don't supply that blue paint and to be honest, don't like it either. Therefore, I will stick to painting it the same colour as the SE range.