A Mamod SE3 Stationary Steam Engine To Restore

Like always, I have been busy and have purchased another engine. This time, instead of a SP4 Stationary, I have gone for the older SE3 model. As well as buying the engine for a low £40, I managed to get a few accessories too such as a buffer machine and that accessory tool that connects the engine to the buffer machine.

As you can see, it is a 'loft' finding with the only missing parts being the chimney of the SE3. However, for around £10, this can be easily bought to complete this engine.

In general, the paintwork on the engine needs redoing with all brass work needing a extremely good scrub and polish!

The burner is from that of a TE1a engine or SE1/2a. The SE3 engines usually had a longer burner to accommodate for the bigger boiler size. Therefore, it is likely I will have to purchase a bigger burner tray.

I have recently steamed the engine up which is great news. The engine cannot be classed as spares therefore won't need any maintenance work on it but rather work to make it's appearance look better.

Here is a picture of the engine steamed up. When connected the accessory to it, the revs of the engine did decrease quite dramatically. From this, I disconnected the accessory to let the engine run at it's full potential. After a good clean up, this engine should look amazing!