Book Published - The Layman's Guide To Mamod Steam Engines

After years of creating, I have finally bought out a book based solely about Mamod steam engines. Exciting, isn't it? Well, here is a complete look at the book for you to decide if you want to purchase it or not.

The Layman's Guide To Mamod Steam EnginesThe main reason I created this book was because I got a lot of people email me through the website about restoring their engines. As great as this was, like for the biggest Mamod restoration, I misjudged how busy I would be from studying a Masters in Automotive Engineering with Motorsport. I couldn't restore all of these people's engines like I had once promised. I felt bad because I know there were people out there that couldn't restore their engines but wanted them restoring.

That was when I thought about creating a book that told Mamod enthusiasts every drop of knowledge I know about restoring Mamod steam engines. This is what I included in the book. But, I then thought about including more in the book, like the complete timeline of Mamod from 1936 to 2014, which I understand is something many people will be interested in.

I then I thought about all the other things I could put into the book, such as how to steam an engine up, how the steam engine works, what type of engine to buy and where and even a whole section on explaining how the new double acting slide valve cylinder works!

I have had many people work on this book with me and have helped me along the way who I feel need to be mentioned. These include:

  • Mamod, the company, who gave me vital information about key areas of their history which I could not find out.
  • Andrew Gordon from 'down under' (to me) for providing some great photos for me to use and proof read certain areas of the book.
  • Mike from for allowing me to use his range of photos.
  • James Grainger for proof reading areas of the book based around the thermodynamic principles or a open and closed system and material science around work hardening copper.
  • My father and mother, Phil and Jane Green for proofreading and editing the book as well as helping me with some of the restorations.
  • Steve Campbell who's enthusiasm for steam engines spurred me on to completing this book.
I am very proud to have created a book on Mamod steam engines that is over 100 pages long. I feel this book is long overdue and is something that needs to be out there. I really do hope it gets praise from those that purchase it.

I have based the pricing of the book on how much it will cost me to print it with the publisher. I will have four different versions of the book to pick from:
  • Full colour cover, full colour inside coil bound - £31.95
  • Full colour cover, full colour inside perfect bound - £29.95
  • Full colour cover, black and white inside perfect bound - £19.95
From purchasing copies to annotate over, I feel the colour versions are the ones to go for since there are nearly 250 pictures in this book which look amazing in colour. However, if the price is a problem, the black and white versions are still extremely good books.

You can look about purchasing either the full colour or black and white versions of the book here.

All the best guys,