A Few Notes On My New Mamod Book

Today was an exciting day as I received the first ever copy to be printed and published of 'The Layman's Guide To Mamod Steam Engines'. I will not go on about how much time, effort and dedication went into this book but I will say that I am so glad a book like this is out there for people to gain knowledge about this truly great British live toy steam brand.

The full colour version of this book is truly beautiful to look at and read (and personally, out of perfect bound and coil bound, coil bound is much easy to browse through the book and read). Up till now, I have been purchasing pre-releases of the book in black and white to reduce costs when it comes to proof reading and editing since it was much cheaper to print.

I had to purchase many prints to give to people to proof read! (12 in total!)
Below are just some of the pictures of the pre-releases and how much proof reading and editing went into this book. Remember that there are over 100 pages to proof read and edit and every page has been proof read and edited like the ones below (the text is blurred so I don't give away any of the content):

I hope its made clear how much I and others have gone through this book to make sure it is the best it can be. Most pages in the book look like the above: covered in highlighting and notes. Of course, there are going to be a few mistakes in the book such as typos but trying to proof read 37,500 words  and find every minor typo can be quite difficult to say the least!

Any feedback on the book is greatly appreciated if you emailed me your feedback in the Contact page or if you submitted a review directly onto Lulu.

As I have said many times to the people that have contributed to this book and my fellow friends, I would rather sell not many of these books and get great feedback from those that purchased it than sell many and get bad feedback from those that bought it.

All the best,