Pictures of 2016 London Model Engineering Exhibition Show

Another year has gone by which means another attendance to the London Model Engineering Exhibition Show. It is always a great day to have a look at the different engineering projects people are taking part in, the different products for sale and the enthusiasts that you can talk to about a passion for all things engineering. There were steam engines, toy boats, railways, planes and lots more to look at during the show. Thankfully, I did take a few pictures so here are some pictures from the London Model Exhibition Engineering Exhibition Show 2016.

A model steam train going around on its tracks

A steam train whizzing past

A great model of a cruise ship with a functioning wave pool!

A Thunderbird model from the episode Pit of Peril

Some very interesting models here

A replica toy model of the Red Bull F1 race car (I think from around 1-2 years ago)

The precision engineering on this steam boat was incredible

A boat that electrically actuates the seaman to move the ores back and forth!

An amazing model of the Millennium Vulcan from Star Wars

Some recovered parts from famous steam engines

A good selection of boats here

A Mamod and a very heavily customized too! - a beautiful example of how a Mamod can be transformed

The wheels of a train titled to see underneath them

A few models of tanks from WWII

Some fine pieces of engineering - miniature engines

Anything can be made from Meccano it seems!

Some lovely steam boats here and a steam traction engine

A nice spot of a Bowman stationary steam engine - very rare nowadays

The second Mamod engine! A TE1a that has also been heavily customized

Another example of a Meccano build

One day it would be great to own a steam engine such as one of these two! Magnificent!

A lovely steam train here

A steam train and electronic train

This hill really did look amazing in person to see the trains go up and down them!

Great scenery here for this steam train to go through

The level of complexity on this steam tractor was rather impressive

An overview of the area the hill was in

Another steam train whizzing by like a blurr

A self made steam train, a great bit of engineering

This enthusiasts area was great to watch the people service the trains and get them going

Such as here, oiling the trains up 

I see another Mamod! Customized again too!

Some lovely looking models here

A selection of boat models on display

All different models and pieces of engineering here

A rather large steam tractor for the exhibition!

Some more engines and models

The steam wagon in this picture was really amazing - would love to own this too!

Lego made an appearnce!

What a steam train!

I wonder how long this too to complete!

A miniature world in Lego

Again, this must have taken a long time to build!
The lorries and trucks are back and better than ever!

A few WWII models

A nice steam train here

What seems a project steam train - looking to be close to finishing, just needs a lick of paint!

It snowed!