London Model Engineering Exhibition Show 2015 with Pictures

On Sunday 18th January 2015, I attended the London Model Engineering Exhibition show at Alexander Palace to have a look and converse with all different types of people about steam engines and model toys! It was a great day and, of course, I had my eager eye out for any Mamods that may have been lurking around the show. So, without further ado, here are some of the pictures I took from that day.

A great detailed model of the Tiger Tank from WWII with moving soliders

The first Mamod I saw! A Mamod Showmans Engine to what looks like in new condition

Tamiya are at the show every year, putting on a great display of RC lorries, cars and trucks on a very detailed ma

This model of the Tiger Tank came from Silver Crest Models LTD, who are planning on putting the above metal tank into a kit for people to make. 

A cluster of Mamods!

The first engine was a SE2 supercharged 

You don't see many SE3s in as good condition as this any more! Lovely engine

Here is a customized TE1a. After talking to the owner, he has created a custom scuttle at the back which looks amazing on the engine

Another rare engine, the Bowman M158. The age alone of this engine just makes you appreciate how rare one these are

Here is a customized Mamod TE1 which has also been restored and modified to look great