[Before and After] Mamod SE1a Steam Engine Restoration

Unfortunately, I have been extremely busy with myself restoring three engines at the moment on the go. This does mean that I have found it difficult to write some articles for RestoringMamods.com. Nevertheless, here is a SE1 engine I restored a few weeks back. Compared to the SE2 restoration I last did, this is a much better restoration which I think is apparent in the pictures.

Mamod SE1 Before Restoration

The engine is all complete but in a bad state of condition. The firebox and base has alot of rust with the boiler and copper pipework seriously tarnished. However, everything can be restored: it is just a question of time and money!

Mamod SE1 After Restoration

The main change I did to this SE1 model was replace the chrome work with a metal band that is present on the SE3 model. I think it improves the look of the engine: it adds a uniqueness to the engine.