Two Mamod TE1a Traction Engines and a Wagon

Here is my next project everyone and I can already see it to be my toughest yet. I managed to buy two traction engines and a wagon for just £45 which is a bargain! That's around £20 for each engine and £5 for the wagon. However, upon seeing the engines, it looks like there is a lot more damage which can mean replacing parts which will cost quite a lot. This is my second and third TE1a traction engine I've had with the first being in at the top of the website.

Here is an overall picture of everything I got:

It's clear that one of the TE1a engines is in better condition than the other as it still has its original paint. 

First Mamod TE1a

I think all the paint will need replacing except for the boiler as it only has chips. On this side of the engine, the only thing I need to replace is a drive band which did not come with the engine.

This is where the problems start. The glass water level plate and seal has completely gone which means it all needs replacing. This is not a financial worry because it only costs £10. However, its the safety that I'm concerned about. You should always try to leave the boiler as it is: messing around with it may cause it to blow which is pretty dangerous.

Second Mamod TE1a

This is the worst engine I have ever seen considering its condition. What I am still trying to figure out is what colour this engine started out. Was it like my one at the top of the website that was black with yellow wheels or was it like the first Mamod TE1a green?

The wheels have the slightest bit of red paint on them which means it was like the first Mamod TE1a and will be painted like it too. 

The chrome boxing seems to have also been painted black too with the engine. As well as this, it is completely covered in rust and looks to have dents in it. Therefore, If the chrome has gone after polishing, I will most likely have to buy a new chrome box. I will also need to buy a flywheel, crankshaft and drive band.

You will also be able to see how bad the wheels are. There seems to be some white rust one it which is never good. However, all that can be easily removed to make the wheels look brand new and sparkling. The water level plug on this engine needs buying and other than that, the engine has all other components.

The trailer is also in average condition but with a polish and respray it will again look brand new.

I think overall it will take around three weeks to restore all the engines and wagon.Throughout this time, I'll be keeping you updated with articles on how its going!