Buying a Mamod Steam Engine to Restore

A lot of people nowadays look to buy Mamod steam engines to restore them to their former beauty and glory. The pride and feeling of achievement of restoring a Mamod makes it a desired hobby for many enthusiasts. However, before you go to buy a Mamod steam engine to restore, you need to learn a few things beforehand..


My rule of thumb is for the condition to be as worst state as possible. The worst it looks and the more dirty it is, the less valuable it will be meaning cheaper for you to buy. 

All Parts are Included

I think it is very important that the engine you buy has all the parts with it and therefore cannot be seen as 'spares'. To restore a Mamod 'spares', you will have to buy extra parts for the engine which all cost money. Make sure that everything on the Mamod engine, no matter how bad a state it is in, is actually there for you to restore.

Start Simple First

With restoring Mamods, if you are new, it is wise to start with restoring the smaller engines such as the Mamod SE1 engine. Once you ave accomplished this, you can start moving into more complex engines such as the SE2, SE3 and traction/steam roller engines.

I am currently restoring a Mamod SR1 Steam Roller that I received as a gift from someone who found it when clearing their loft out.  The pictures below are of the state of the engine I got it in. With a lot of hard work, cleaning, taking apart and reassembling, I hope for the engine to be in a much better condition. If I can add too, if you are looking to buy a steam engine, the best place to look is eBay.

A lot of dust has built onto the engine
The Chrome looked near to gone. That was my main concern.
General rust and dust can be seen everywhere.
The front of the Mamod SR1 
The paintwork was good but needed touching.
The engine when fired actually ran very well.
The restoration of the Mamod SR1 begins.
I intend to put detailed and picture-full articles up on this website going through 'step by step' how I restored all my Mamods. I hope you enjoy!