Pictures of 2016 London Model Engineering Exhibition Show

Another year has gone by which means another attendance to the London Model Engineering Exhibition Show. It is always a great day to have a look at the different engineering projects people are taking part in, the different products for sale and the enthusiasts that you can talk to about a passion for all things engineering. There were steam engines, toy boats, railways, planes and lots more to look at during the show. Thankfully, I did take a few pictures so here are some pictures from the London Model Exhibition Engineering Exhibition Show 2016.

Share Your Mamod Experience

Mamod steam engines have been with us for more than 70 years. In that time, I am sure there are many people who have had great (and bad!) experiences with these steam engines. If you want to share your Mamod steam engine experience on or want to write an article about steam engines and Mamod, feel free to contact me through the 'Contact form' page.

An Example Of A Poor Mamod SE3 Buy

Although I have not published an article in a while, this does not mean I have been doing nothing! In actual fact, it has been an extremely busy time, selling The Layman's Guide To Mamod Steam Engines book that has been received with great feedback, replying to people that contact me through the contact form and, of course, finding engines to buy! In this article, I thought I would share with you my latest experience in purchasing a Mamod engine. However, it is more of a 'learn from your mistakes' article rather than a 'good buy' article.