How to Steam Up a Mamod Steam Engine

Mamod steam engines are becoming increasingly popular for their simplicity of how a steam engine works - nothing can beat the smell and sound of a Mamod going. Considering I have done lots of articles on how to restore Mamods, I realise I haven't actually done an article on how to get your Mamod engine going! Therefore, here is the complete guide to making sure your Mamod steams up and runs as smoothly as possible.

The Best Mamod Engines to Buy and Restore

Mamod steam engines are becoming very popular at the moment since they can be purchased at very cheap prices and restored back to their former glories. The great thing, I find, about Mamod engines is their simplicity. They are all simple external combustion engines that, under a good fire and a full boiler of water, will run for a good ten minutes at least.
For people that want to get into buying and restoring engines though, it is important that they start off with the easier Mamod engines and make their way up to restoring harder engines once they have gathered the basics with the simpler engines. This is why I have created this article. I will go through all the engines Mamod have made and list them by how hard they are to restore.

[Before and After] Mamod SP2 Restoration

A friend of mine found this at the back of his shed and gave it to me for quite a nice price. It is a Mamod SP2 stationary steam engine which, from the years my friend has had it, can be dated around the 1990s. This is a problem with the SP range. They are not really yet antiques since Mamod are still producing them. Therefore, although my SP2 engine is actually over 20 years old, because of the fact it is still produced today, they are not rare yet. One thing for sure is that an engine in such good original condition that is over 20 years old is quite rare!

Get Your Mamod Steam Engine Ready For Summer

Although the English weather might not be telling us its summer, we are already in the season of summer that should promise to bring us bright hot and sunny days. For most owners of Mamod steam engines, this is the perfect time to steam up. It's Sunday afternoon, the day has slightly cooled from midday and your relaxing in the garden, steaming up your engine. For this reason, here are some essential tips to help get you and your engine ready for summer.

The Biggest Mamod Steam Engine Restoration Ever

Back in April, I was asked through to do a restoration on an early SE2 engine. I am proud to say that I have completed the restoration and this is my story behind, what I deem to be, the biggest and hardest restoration I have ever attempted to do.

What Paint Colours To Use On Mamod Steam Engines

When it comes to restoring Mamod steam engines, restorers will usually have to repaint the different parts of the engine due to rust and generally wear and tear causing the paintwork to look tatty. However, the problem with repainting Mamod parts is that nobody really knows exactly what paint codes are for what parts. Well, from restoring Mamod engines myself, I have formulated a page that will hopefully make clear what colours are for what Mamod parts.

[Before and After] Mamod SE1a Steam Engine Restoration

Unfortunately, I have been extremely busy with myself restoring three engines at the moment on the go. This does mean that I have found it difficult to write some articles for Nevertheless, here is a SE1 engine I restored a few weeks back. Compared to the SE2 restoration I last did, this is a much better restoration which I think is apparent in the pictures.

[Before and After] Mamod SE2a Steam Engine Restoration

Although, for, this is the first stationary SE2 engine I have restored on here, the SE2/1 engines from Mamod have been my particular favourites for restoring because I think they look the best when restored. When I looked to restore the below engine, it felt more like a chore than a hobby unfortunately. It actually took me around four hours to restore this engine and I think from the pictures, it can be reflected. Either way, I prefer the new engine to the old one!