A Few Reasons Why Your Mamod Steam Engine May Not Work

I have had a lot of people over the last few months email me through the website to identify what the problem is with their Mamod steam engine. They claim that it does not run and struggles to tick over. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to compose an article with some of the problems to why a Mamod engine may not work.

How to Tell a Mamod Steam Engine Has Been Restored

There are many websites to choose from when it comes to buying a used Mamod steam engine online. For most people, eBay will be the first place to look for the simple fact that the majority of people will put used engines on eBay first because it is easy, quick, simple and will help the engine sold for a reasonable price.
The problem with eBay is that there are some sneaky people out there that like to sell Mamod engines in great condition without mentioning that they have actually be restored. For most people, they will think these engines are in its original condition.
However, you will find that some eBay users will not include whether the engine has been restored or not (generally, restored engines are worth less - a great original condition engine is worth much more). For this reason, here are a few pointers to help identify if a Mamod steam engine has been restored or not.

A Few Notes On My New Mamod Book

Today was an exciting day as I received the first ever copy to be printed and published of 'The Layman's Guide To Mamod Steam Engines'. I will not go on about how much time, effort and dedication went into this book but I will say that I am so glad a book like this is out there for people to gain knowledge about this truly great British live toy steam brand.